The Apple event is tomorrow, what do I expect?

sep 09 2013


Tomorrow it the long awaited Apple event, but what do I expect Apple will announce?
iPhone 5S
Of course we’ll see the next gen iPhone, that’s pretty much a given.
But I’m hoping it’ll be more than just a ‘speed bump’ with a faster and more energy efficient processor, better graphics, longer battery life etc. The rumors say it’ll have a fingerprint scanner in the home button, but I’m sceptic that’ll happen.
The iPhone 5C? 
The rumors are strong on it, but hope it doesn’t happen. It’s supposed to be a lower spec iPhone with plastic housing. But in my opinion, a plastic iPhone will really do damage to Apples good reputation in making high quality products with high quality materials.
Also a guarantee is of course iOS7. Tim Cook said it will be the best thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone, so expectations are really high. The previews I have seen are really awesome so I can’t wait to update my iPhone and iPad to iOS7. Although the iPad version of iOS7 is said to be delayed for whatever reason… We’ll see…
iWatch anyone?
I really don’t expect to see anything like it this year, maybe at next years WWDC but certainly not earlier than that, if not way later.
iPad 5 and iPad mini 2
There haven’t been many rumors on it, but I somehow do think they’ll at least say something on the 5th gen iPad and 2nd gen iPad mini. Let’s hope the new mini will get the retina screen it should have had from the beginning.
Apple TV and Television?
Humors have it Apple is working on a television. I do expect them to come out with one at some point, but not right now.  I do think the Apple tv will get some sort of update, but only software wise, no new hardware.
Mac Pro
They previewed the new Mac Pro at the WWDC 2013 and said it should go on sale this fall. I think they’ll go a bit more in depth and announce a date, but nothing more.
So that’s pretty much it I guess. An updated iPhone for sure, maybe a ‘low budget’ iPhone (I hope not) and maybe some info on the next gen iPad and iPad mini.
Samsung, start your photocopiers! 😉

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