About me

Name: Jeroen.
Nickname(s): Sponge / iSponge / Spongeinside.
Age: 30.
DoB: 13 oktober 1986.
City: Dronten.
Relationship: Single.
Hobby’s: R/C cars, (amateur)photography, 3D designing for 3D printing, watching tv/movies/motor sports.
Favorite tv networks: Netflix, Discovery Channel, MotorsTV, RTL 7, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Veronica.
Other interests: Apple related stuff, motor sports (formula 1, Formula-e etc.), cars / bikes (I don’t have a motorcycle license yet, but in the future), racing r/c cars, photography, 3D printing, Racing games.
Purpose of the website: Every website serves a purpose, and so does this one. What you’ll find here will mainly consist of stuff that ‘tickles’ my interests and stuff I’d like to share with the rest of the world. I’ll post Apple related stuff I find worth mentioning, like new products or big announcements, maybe some stories about everyday stuff that’s on my mind or stuff that happens to me and who knows what the future brings and what stuff I’d like to share with you all, you’ll have to wait and see 😉 So you can see that my website is mostly just a place I can share my thoughts, opinions and other stuff, unmoderated so there might be opinions on here you might not agree with or find offensive for whatever reason. I of course try to not offend anyone on purpose, but sometimes it’s just not possible to talk about something without hurting some feelings, that’s life. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here!

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